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Popular Messengers by Country

Back in 2013, Skype was the leading app in Russia for calling and messaging. Soon Skype's share was taken by other modern applications.
In 2015, it was the leader in Brazil, Australia, USA, Canada, Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, and France.

In 2015, broke out into the absolute leaders in Russia, 60% of smartphone users used Viber. The popularity became very strong literally in 1-2 years, before that the leadership was firmly held by Skype.
In addition to Russia, it is highly popular in the CIS countries and India.

Despite some lag in technology and attempts to introduce a paid subscription, WhatsApp remains among the leading messengers in Russia, Mexico, Brazil, India, Germany, Britain, Spain, Italy. Now ranks first in almost all countries except Asia.

Gaining high popularity in Brazil,Russia,Iran.

Is the absolute leader among messengers in Japan (the country of invention of the application), Taiwan and Thailand.
Other applications
In individual countries, local messengers are leading: KakaoTalk in Korea, WeChat in China, Facebook Messenger in the United States.